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Arraid, Inc. Arraid Solutions

Arraid, Inc.

provides replacement drives for aging computer systems no longer supported by their original manufacturers.

Data Storage Solutions Provided by Arraid - Replacement of Legacy Disk and Tape Drives

Arraid supplies new tape and data drives for computer systems by Bull, DEC, Encore, Honeywell, HP, Evans and Sutherland, Pertec, and many more. Arraid utilizes programmable logic to replace aging and refurbished drives with reliable and supportable SCSI disk and tape drives. Our products allow owners of older computer systems to replace unavailable or refurbished equipment with new warranted equipment, backed by Arraid customer support. Arraid's drive replacements reduce power consumption and improve system reliability extending the system's useful life without host software changes.

Aging and refurbished Disk and Tape Drives are typically the weakest links in a legacy computer system. Replacing them with a new Arraid system will prolong the life and restore the reliability of aging computer systems. Arraid is the original manufacturer of the AEM, ASPX, and TES drive replacement product lines. Our products are used extensively throughout business and government, where Customers have incurred a large investment in special hardware and unique, non-portable software. Large computer companies (DEC, Encore, Honeywell, IBM, Wang, etc.) are commonly unable or unwilling to support these specialized systems. Arraid supplies new drive replacements for SMD, HISI, HPIB, MAC, OMTI, Pertec, XMD, and several other legacy drive replacements, including floppy drive replacements as well as early SCSI drives. If you are unable to determine the interface type of the drive you wish to replace, or are unable to find information about your aging computer system, contact Arraid for assistance or to request a custom engineered replacement.

Disk and Tape Drive Replacements Provided by Arraid

Find an Arraid Manufactured Product For Your Drive Interface
The AEM-1 replaces drives utilizing the SMD, SMD-O, SMD-H, SMD-E, and XMD drive interfaces.
The AEM-3 replaces drives utilizing the Honeywell Bull HISI drive interface.
The AEM-5C replaces drives utilizing the Diablo Pertec cartridge drive interface.
The AEM-6C replaces drives utilizing the HP MAC drive interface.
The AEM-7C replaces the HP 7900A disk drive.
The AEM-8 replaces drives utilizing the HP HPIB CS/80 drive interface.
The AEM-9 replaces drives utilizing the Data General Winchester disk interface.
The AEM-DUP duplicates media for software distribution.
The ASPX replaces the OMTI 5000 series controller and drives.
The Arraid DEC Storage Solution provides disk replacements for DEC RK, RL, RA, RD, RF, TK, and RX series drives.
The EID-1 replaces 8" Winchester disk drives that adhere to the industry standard, SMD-O and SMD-E interface.
The ESP-1 provides microprocessor controlled FPGA I/O with embedded Linux for OEM applications.
The FCSNT software package converts data on Arraid TES products to a MS Windows readable format.
The FES-1 replaces dual 8" floppy drives and dual 5.25" floppy drives used on Gould/SEL and Encore computer systems.
The SEC-1 provides a SCSI Expansion Chassis.
The TES-2 replaces 9 track .5" tape drives that adhere to the industry standard, Formatted Pertec Protocol.
The TES-3 replaces 9 track tape drives used with RDS 500 series computers.
The TES-4 replaces 9 track .5" tape drives that adhere to Unformatted Pertec industry standard protocol.
The TES-5 replaces HP 7970B and 7970E reel-to-reel, .5" tape drives.
The TES-6 replaces 9 track .5" and cartridge tape drives with that adhere to the SCSI standard.
The TESIP extends Arraid TES products with Ethernet transfer of PC readable files.

Listed by Original Manufacturer and Drive Model
ADS SMD - Series 8 => AEM-1
Alpha Data SMD - Atlas 520 => AEM-1
AmcoDyne SMD - 7130, 7110, 8160 => AEM-1
AMPEX SMD - 330, 660, 825, 165, 330, DFR-932, DFR-964, DFR-996, DM-9100, DM-9160, DM-9200, DM-9300, DM-940, DM-940 => AEM-1
APS SMD - 4835, 4865 => AEM-1
Archive SCSI - 2060S, 2150S, 2525S, 2525E, 2750S, => TES-6
BALL SMD - BD50, BD80, BD100, BD160 => AEM-1
BASF SMD - 6171, 6172 => AEM-1
CDC SMD - 9412, 9448, 9455 Lark 1, 9457, 9710, 9715, 9720, 9730, 9760, 9762, 9764, 9766 => AEM-1
CDC SMD - 9771, 9772, 9773, 9775, 9782, 9783 => AEM-1
CDS SMD - AMS 315, AMS 380, AMS 513, AMS 571, AMS 615, AMS M315 => AEM-1
CDS SMD - C2400, C2476, C2600, C2602, C2800 => AEM-1
CDC HISI - 9515, 9616, 9760, 9762, 9764, 9766 => AEM-3
Cipher Pertec Tape - F880, F890, F891, M891, 910, F910, 920, F920, M990, M995 => TES-2
Cipher SCSI Tape - F880ES, F880S, M990S, M995S => TES-6
DDC Pertec SMD - DX1246, DX199, DX265, DX332, DX368, DX375, DX548, DX731, DX914 => AEM-1
DEC Diablo/Pertec - RK05, RK11 => AEM-5
DEC Pertec Tape - TS05 => TES-2
DEC SCSI Tape- TK50Z => TES-6
DG SMD - KISMET 6160, KISMIT 6161, KISMET 6214, VULCAN 6122, ZEBRA 6067, ZEBRA 6060, ZEBRA 6061 => AEM-1
Fujitsu SMD - M2280, M2284, M2294, M2298, M2312K, M2322K, M2333K, M2344K => AEM-1
Fujitsu SMD - M2350A, M2351A, M2360A, M2361A, M2372K, M2380A, M2382K, M2392K => AEM-1
Gould SMD - 8840, 9346 => AEM-1
Hitachi SMD - DK512S, DK514S, DK711S, DK801, DK812S, DK814S, DK815 => AEM-1
Hitachi HISI - DK514S => AEM-3
Honeywell SMD - MSU9602, MSU9604 => AEM-1
HP - 7900A, 7900 => AEM-7C
HP MAC - 7905A, 7906A thru 7906M, 7920A thru 7920S, 7925A thru 7920S, 7905, 7906,7920, 7925 => AEM-6C
HP CS/80 - 7907A, 7908A, 7908P, 7908R, 7911A, 7911P, 7911R, 7912A, 7912P, 7912R, 7914TD => AEM-8
HP CS/80 - 7920B, 7925B, 7930B, 7930M, 7933A, 7933H, 7933XP, 7935A, 7935H, 7935XP, 7936H, 7936XP, 7937H, 7937XP => AEM-8
HP CS/80 - 7941A, 7942A, 7945A, 7946A, 7957A, 7957B, 7958A, 7958B, 7959B, 7961B, 7962B, 7963B => AEM-8
HP CS/80 - C2200A, C2202A, C2203A => AEM-8
HP Unformatted Tape - 7970B, 7970E => TES-5
HP SCSI Tape - 88780B, 7980 => TES-6
HP Pertec Tape - 88780, 7980 => TES-2
Kennedy SCSI Tape - 9600, 9600A => TES-6
M4 Data Pertec Tape - 9903, 9905, 9914 => TES-2
Mega Vault SMD - 116 => AEM-1
Memorex SMD - 214, 612, 659, 677 => AEM-1
Miltope SMD - RDS-2342, RDS-2344 => AEM-1
Mitsubishi - M2839F, M2853F, M2854F, M2860, M2883, M2884, M4870, M4875 => AEM-1
NEC SMD - 5682, D2246. D2247. D2257, D2268, D2300, D2332, D2352, D2362, D2363, D2373 => AEM-1
Northern Telecom SMD - Mercury 8208, Mercury 8210, Mercury 8212, Mercury 8308, Mercury 8312, Mercury 8408 => AEM-1
Northern Telecom SMD - Mercury 8412, Mercury 8414, Mercury 8508, Mercury 8512, Mercury 8514 => AEM-1
Priam SMD - 15450, 3350, 3450, 6650, 7050, 803, 804, 806, 807, 808;
Scientific Micro Systems OMTI - 5100, 5200, 5300, 5400 => ASPX
Seagate SMD - ST41097 Elite, ST41201 Elite, ST81123 Sabre, ST81236 Sabre, ST82272 Sabre, ST82500 Sabre, ST8851 Sabre => AEM-1
Sperry SMD - Locust => AEM-1
Tandem SMD - 4104, 4114, 4116, 4120, 4130 => AEM-1
Tandem SCSI Tape - 5170, 5175 => TES-6
Teac SCSI Tape- MT-2ST, 45S2 => TES-6
Tech Labs SMD - WL-84-D => AEM-1
Storage Tec SMD - 160, 200, 3005, 3010, 3020 => AEM-1
Toshiba SMD - MK-182FB, MK-184FB, MK-186FB, MK-286FC, MK-288FC, MK-388FA => AEM-1
Wang SMD - 2265, 2267, 2268, 2280, 6565, 6568, 6580V => AEM-1
Wang SCSI tape - 5099SC, 5125ES, 5150ES, 5525ES, 5525ESD => TES-6
Winchester 6097, 6098, 6099, 6100, 6101, 6102, 6103, 6104, 6105 =>  AEM-9

Listed by Controller
HP - 13210 => AEM-7C
HP MAC - 13037A thru 13037D => AEM-6C
GPIB - 12009A, 12821A => AEM-8

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