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Add-on or Replacement Storage for Legacy SCSI

The SEC, SCSI Expansion Chassis allows the use of modern SCSI devices, either in place of or in addition to, early SCSI I devices. Rather than a single product, the SEC provides building blocks of enclosure, SCSI buses, adapters, converters and devices, allowing the Customer to tailor a SCSI subsystem to meet their specific requirements.


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The usual reason for using the SEC is to upgrade computer system disk capacity or performance without changing computer hardware or software. It's also desirable to use current technology SCSI disks as they are readily available and less expensive than refurbished legacy disks. Using today's drives may require bus adapters, single-differential converters, and even reprogramming the disk's code pages to meet legacy operating system requirements. Arraid can provide SEC options and devices as to fit the bill.

If the Customer has an investment in media for special legacy devices, such as optical disks or Exabyte tape, those devices may be used in their existing enclosures or mounted in an SEC enclosure along with new disk drives.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install. No hardware or software changes required.
  • Fully compatible with existing operation.
  • Use current technology devices for greater computer system reliability with lower cost of ownership.
  • Mix, match old and new devices to meet your specific requirements.


For More Information

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