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Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

Used throughout government and industry, ATE may be employed to test the operation and performance of almost anything, from delicate electronic assemblies to jet and rocket engines. ATE systems come in many shapes and sizes. Arraid assists Customers whose ATE systems are based on general purpose mini-computers, with disk drive, cartridge disk, or tape drive data storage.

Generally, ATE systems were designed and built to test one or more specific products. The same application software and often the same test procedures are run on the same set of products, throughout the life cycle of those products. As long as the ATE system remains reliable and maintainable, there is no reason to upgrade the system or rehost the computer. Unfortunately, while the computer, interfaces and measuring equipment may remain reliable and maintainable, legacy storage products don't.

esp 1tFor these older computer systems, Arraid provides COTS storage emulation solutions, integrating ARRAIDs proprietary FPGA based solid state Flash Drive (AFD), it can extend the life of mission critical systems and help to insure optimum availability. For early SCSI systems we have both JBOD chassis and replacement SCSI Flash Drive modules. For more current systems, Arraid can provide NAS and RAID storage modules to increase system capabilities and performance.

Disk Drives
Host Equipment Arraid Product
HP 1000, 9000, 3000, Multi Access Controller (13037 MAC) AEM-6C
HP 1000, 9000, 3000, HP-IB, CS/80, IEEE 488, GPIB AEM-8
GenRad 17XX & 22XX, Functional Board Test Systems AEM-5C
Honeywell STS 1000 AEM-6C
Honeywell 2600, Honeywell H-316 AEM-5C
Honeywell 3500, Honeywell DPS-6, Honeywell Level 6 AEM-3
RK-05 on DEC PDP-8, PDP-11 AEM-5C
TI-960, LTX, Teledyne, Teradyne AEM-1
Sperry STS-900/9000 AEM-5C
VME, Motorola SBC -
SCSI-I, SCSI-2 upgrades SEC, AFD


Tape Drives
Host Equipment Arraid Product
Formatted Pertec Interface; Pertec, Kennedy, STC, MPI, Cipher, et. al. Many System Manufacturers TES-2
Raytheon Data Systems, RDS 500 TES-3
HP 1000, 9000, 3000, HP-IB, CS/80, IEEE 488, GPIB AEM-8, TES-5
SCSI Compatible Drives, such as HP 88780 series TES-6
Other Products
Network Attached Storage AFD

US Air Force - Multiple Programs at Major ALC Depots  Avionics and Electronics Testing

Raytheon - Patriot Missile Production Testing

Smiths Industries - Avionics and Electronics Testing

Northrop Aviation - MX Missile Guidance Test System

Bespoke Emulation Solutions

Arraid team members include some of the foremost experts in the design of data storage emulation systems. We would be happy to discuss with you, and develop for you, an emulation solution to upgrade the capabilities and reliability of your computer system.

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