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Per-Incident Services

Per-Incident Services include the following:

Inspection and Test

All equipment submitted to Arraid for any kind of service goes through Inspection and Test before work is done. First the equipment is Inspected to insure that there is no physical damage inconsistent with normal use. Next, the equipment is Tested to insure that it works as expected. With equipment submitted for Repair, we want to duplicate the failure if possible, or at least see some indication of incorrect operation when used on our test stands. The Customer will be notified if no problem is found. With equipment submitted for Retrofit or Update, we insure that the product is functioning properly.

Inspection and Test is the minimum level of service for which the Customer will be charged.


Repair is defined as the process of returning a product to normal functioning after it has experienced component failure. Arraid offers fixed-price, out-of-warranty Repair Service on all of our standard products. For some products, Repair Service may also be offered at the assembly level.

Repair does not cover the correction of malfunctions caused by abuse or neglect, damage suffered in shipping, or catastrophe such as flood or fire.

Repair Service is normally performed at our factory in Phoenix, AZ. The Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping both to and from our facility. Advance exchange of modules or assemblies is available, with the concurrence of Technical Support, allowing the Customer to repair the product at the Customer's site. Advance exchange, when available, carries a higher price than standard repair.

Factory Repair of a data storage system always includes Update Service, described below. Repaired products and assemblies are warranted for ninety (90) days.


Update Service includes installation of the latest hardware and software engineering changes to an Arraid product. Arraid offers fixed-price Update Service on all of our standard products.

Customers should consider Updates for:

  • ease of use by changing the functionality of an existing capability or option (as through a new or improved software command),
  • future maintainability by including the latest troubleshooting tools into the product,
  • compatibility and interchangeability between existing systems and newly purchased ones.

Update is not intended to add new capability to an Arraid product, except where that capability is bundled into a hardware or software release. Assemblies will be brought to their latest mandatory revision levels.

Software Updates may be sent to the Customer for installation. Hardware Updates are always performed in our factory. The Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping both to and from our facility. Factory updates are warranted for ninety (90) days.

In the AEM product line, early AEM Systems running Version 1.X, 2.X or 3.X software will require a Retrofit rather than an Update, to insure compatibility with current design products, Version 4.X software. Contact your Arraid Representative for details.


Retrofit is defined as the installation of additional features or options that enhance the capability of an Arraid product. Retrofit Service only applies to equipment that has been in use for some period of time, where the Customer wants to add a feature, such as disk-to-disk copy in an AEM. Arraid offers fixed-price Retrofit Service on all of our standard products. The Retrofit Service charge is in addition to the price of the option or feature purchased.

Retrofits are normally performed in our factory. The Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping both to and from our facility. In some cases and on some product lines, User Installable Retrofit Kits can be provided for installation at the Customer's site. Availability of a Kit depends on the complexity of the Retrofit, and is determined solely be Arraid. The Kit and Service price are the same.

Factory Retrofit of a data storage product always includes Update Service as well. Factory Retrofits are warranted for ninety (90) days.


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