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Warranty Service

Standard New Product Warranty

Arraid's standard products are of new manufacture. Our Disk and Tape Replacement Systems are integrated by Arraid in our Phoenix, AZ facility; from locally manufactured subassemblies of Arraid design. Required SCSI devices, such as magnetic tape drives, cartridge disk drives and magneto-optical disk drives are procured new from authorized Distributors. All subassemblies and devices are new when integrated. Because of the wide range of configurations and options available in our systems, most storage systems can not be produced until Customer requirements are fully defined and an order is placed.

All standard Data Storage Products are covered by a one year, return to factory warranty, with the duration measured from our date of shipment. SCSI disk drives and other SCSI devices, when sold separately, are also warranted by Arraid for one year. Any remaining manufacturer's warranty is passed on to the Customer. Depending on the device, the manufacturer's warranty can be one to five years.

Should you ever acquire a product, sold to you as a new Arraid standard product, and you suspect that may not be true, immediately contact Arraid, on +44 (0) 1189323499. Your claim will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action taken.

Extended Warranty

As the name implies, Extended Warranty provides an extension to the period of coverage of our standard hardware warranty. All other terms and conditions are the same. Extended Warranty may be purchased in one year increments, up to a maximum combined term (standard plus extended warranty) of five years. Extended Warranty may be purchased any time prior to the expiration of the warranty then in effect. Contact your Arraid Representative for more information on Extended Warranty.

Warranty Service

Warranty Service is obtained through the RMA Process. The RMA page describes how to obtain an RMA.

The Customer is responsible for shipment of the defective product to Arraid. When we receive the defective product, we will attempt to duplicate the reported problem. This may require additional discussion with you. We will make all necessary repairs, or replace failing items, and thoroughly test the repaired equipment. Factory repair can take as little as two to three days, but may take as much as a week. Arraid is responsible for return shipment of the repaired product to you.

In some instances, at the sole discretion of Arraid but with your agreement, we may advance exchange components and assemblies that we believe will correct the problem. An RMA will be issued to track the process. Arraid Technical Support will work with you through replacement of the suspect component or assembly. You will be responsible for the timely return of defective or unused replacement parts. You will be invoiced at current prices for any parts not returned within fifteen (15) days.

On rare occasions, despite everyone's best efforts at problem isolation, we may find nothing wrong with the Arraid product submitted for warranty repair, and find that the problem lies elsewhere in your computer system. On these occasions you may be invoiced for an Inspection and Test fee as well as return freight.

When you receive your Arraid products, be sure to retain at least one shipping container with packing material for each type of Arraid product purchased. Our shipping containers are specially designed by Arraid to provide proper protection to your equipment during transit. Shipment of Arraid products in improper packaging may void the warranty claim. In addition, you may be required to purchase a new shipping container prior to return of equipment to you.

Previously Owned Equipment:
Occasionally, some previously owned systems or devices may become available for sale. Arraid will clearly identify these products as equivalent to standard but NOT new. Such products may come with a shorter warranty term or other warranty restrictions. Your Arraid Representative will provide full details of any deviation from standard warranty.


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