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Miltope MU-739, 8" Floppy Drive Emulation

miltopedriveArraid's Miltope 8" floppy drive emulator replaces the model MU-739. These drives are used in a variety of military applications. These applications must continue to run for another five years or more, despite the facts that 8" floppy technology was obsolete long ago, drives are getting harder to repair and spares are running out. Arraid's Miltope emulator eliminates the problem of obsolescence, replacing the drive with current technology electronics and a modern SCSI disk drive. The enclosure is the same form factor and mounting as the original.

The MU-739 emulator is based on Arraid's Emulation Module. Use this link for an explanation of Disk Drive Emulation.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install. No hardware or software changes required, other than the drive itself.
  • Operating system, application and diagnostic software are supported as is.
  • High reliability with near zero maintenance required.
    • Greater computer system availability with lower cost of ownership.
  • Output is to 3.5" magneto optical cartridges or SCSI Zip. This can now be upgraded to output to ARRAID's own FPGA based solid state Flash Drive (AFD) which used industrial Grade CompactFlash (CF) as the removable media. 
    • With tape head alignment no longer an issue, CF or optical media may be moved from drive to drive without concern for readability.
  • Multiple volume support is built in.


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