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Technical Support Services

Arraid's standard products are designed and built for easy installation and simple integration into the Customer's computer system, with minimal follow-on maintenance. Using Arraid supplied documentation and tools as required, the Customer is readily able to familiarize themselves with product operation and to get competent performance from our products in their computer system.

Arraid offers a number of technical support services to increase the Customer's product knowledge, assist with installation and integration, provide assistance in troubleshooting during and after warranty, and repair malfunctioning products. Contact you Arraid Representative for additional information and a quotation.

Technical Support Services include:


Training is provided at Arraid's facility in Phoenix, AZ. Structured courses designed to build Customer competence in the installation, operation and basic troubleshooting of Arraid's data storage products are available for many product lines. Custom courses, including multiple product lines, can be created. All courses require registration and purchase order commitment at least thirty (30) days prior to desired class schedule. Tuition must be paid prior to start of training.

The Customer is responsible for all travel and on-site expenses. Arraid can provide assistance in securing accommodations in the Phoenix area.

On-Site Technical Support

On-Site Technical Support provides Customers with assistance at the their facility in such areas as:

   - installation of Arraid's products,

   - integration and computer system tuning for optimal performance with Arraid's products,

   - troubleshooting of computer system problems involving Arraid products.

On-site support can also be useful in determining how the advanced features of the Customer's Arraid products can best be put to use in improving the Customer's operation. Service is provided by expert Technical Support personnel from Arraid's Phoenix office or field locations as required.

The rate for on-site support is per day or fraction thereof, portal-to-portal. Reasonable travel and on-site expenses will also be invoiced. Purchase order commitment is required at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of service. Changes in schedule less than thirty (30) days prior to planned start of service, will incur a penalty fee and additional transportation charges.


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