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SCSI SSD replacement for SCSI Tape Drives

The Arraid SCSIFlash Removable Drive (ASFD-MO & ASFD-F) are designed and manufactured by Arraid and replaces legacy SCSI storage disk drives. It replaces many removable media SASI, SCSI-1, or SCSI-2 drives such as SCSI FLOPPY SCSI Card readers, SCSI PCMCIA and SCSI MO ( Optical) drives. 

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The Arraid SCSIFlash Tape Drive ( ASFD-T) replaces legacy storage tape drives such as SASI, SCSI-1, or SCSI-2 including the popular DDS DAT, DLT and Pertec tape drives on a variety of ageing host systems.

Arraid SCSIFlash Disk Drive ( ASFD-T) is designed and manufactured by Arraid’s owning company Reactive Group.

Offering Industrial Grade SCSI SSD replacements for a range of obsolete and End of Life (EOL) SCSI tape drives. No additional software or register changes are required to the legacy host. Custom capacities available for systems that require exact capacity value. Custom sector sizes available.

If you are looking for a drop in replacement for the drives below please contact us here.

Features and Benefits

  • True Industrial Grade "Solid State" technology
  • Preformatted emulator for fast and easy system reload
  • Small format PCB converts Compact Flash Media to appear as an SCSI device on a Host’s SCSI bus
  • 3.5" & 5.25” form factor which will replace any Tape drives. Varying enclosure size (desktop) & mountings available
  • Will fit in a 5.25” disk slot using the same mountings
  • SCSI Host will typically see the device as a SCSI Tape drive of verious emulations
  • Board is low power, using 5V only
  • Microcode is field upgradable via integral serial port or through Network RJ45 Network port
  • Optional integration support available if required
  • Additional Ethernet backup and restore capability available to replace the traditional manual rotation of costly legacy media

Network Feature Benefits

  • Network enabled SCSIFLASH drive has its own IP address (configurable)
  • Network enabled SCSIFLASH allows bit for bit image backup & restore direct to LAN
  • Provides ability to import & move files between hosts systems / tool easily

Summary of FLASH2GUI Network features

  • Login Levels to prevent unautorised use.
  • Back Up and Restore disc image.
  • Set Disc Capacity from 1Mb to 64GB
  • Write Protect and Erase Drive contents.
  • Set Drive Emulation.
  • Set Drives IP address and name remotely.

The embedded Flash2GUI Image Editor allows image files (.img) to be sent from the SCSIFlash drive to a local onsite PC or server. Allowing the unpacking, editing, and repacking of the imaged file. This file can then be resent to the SCSIFlash drive as new data file.

Summary of Image Editor Capability

  • View Drive Image contents.
  • Extract files, folders or entire disc contents to PC (this includes exported files, recipes, message logs, recipe files etc)
  • Add and remove files, folders from disc including recipes.
  • Add new software install files to run from Tape Drive
  • Create a new formatted drive.


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